Sampling around: Clarins, Double Serum


This Clarins Double Serum was another very promising sample, ruined by bad packaging. The idea seems fine, but in the practice it was just a mess.

One of the products has a very liquid consistency and the other one is thicker. Once I poured out most of one run out through my fingers and then the ratio was not correct anymore. The serum itself seemed O.K. but nothing too special. Sample size was not great, and after the packaging malfunction it was anyway hard to properly try the product anymore.

I still think it is a very interesting product, and I would like to try it out again on better circumstances. I hope I get the chance soon.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No, but I would be interested in trying out again

2 responses to “Sampling around: Clarins, Double Serum

  1. Interesting….. I hate when the packaging all goes wrong :( I always have a hard time with samples that just come in a little foil pouch, I always feel like they put in so much product! With that sort of packaging, I just want to use it once and toss out the little pouch. I feel like I never get the full feel or experience of the product when that happens :( I always love a luxe little bottle sample!

    • Yeah, true. You can sometimes get more than one use, but it dries a bit because it is open, etc. Also some of them have really bad packaging that opens up weird and it makes it more complicated to get product out. I like this kind of samples for weekend trips for instance, they occupy practically no space, no weight, and you can trash them after use.

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