Sampling around: Benefit, the Porefessional


The Porefessional primer, is aimed to minimize the appearance of pores. Which in turn should make your make up look better. I can not remember where or when I got this sample anymore, but rest assured I was excited.

Lets talk packaging. Terrible. The amount of product you get is plenty for more than one try, specially because most of the time you only need to apply at certain parts of your face. Unfortunately the packaging makes it impossible to take advantage of that because it is not possible to close it again, but on top of that it is the kind of packaging that leaves the product completely exposed.

The product now. I heard so much about it, there is so much buzz around this product, that my expectations were maybe too high. Many years ago, Lancôme had a product to minimize pores, very silicony. It did a great job, but they discontinued it. I expected something similar. This was not very good at minimizing pores compared to that. It is not a very expensive product, but also not the most affordable. Plus, lets not forget, any product that does not do its job is too expensive no matter of the price.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No, but I am still curious. I want another sample! Maybe one of those travel sizes they have on their sets would be a good idea before having a final judgement.

2 responses to “Sampling around: Benefit, the Porefessional

  1. I do like this primer, for a silicone based product it is pretty good! However I am not much of a fan of silicone based primers, I much prefer something that really sinks in to the skin. The Too Faced Hangover RX primer is AMAZING!

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