Sampling around: Nivea, Creme Pflege Reinigungsmilch


I got this Nivea Reinigungsmilch sample from a droguerie in Germany last year already. In general a creamy product is not my favorite way to clean my face, I rather use something “greasy” as oil, balm; something in a gel consistency or a “soapy” cleanser. Either way, since I always double wash whenever I used makeup, the second wash is always something that involves water.

Packaging was fine, and the product as well. It was a milky cream product to clean up your face. I used it to remove make up and it worked well. If you like this kind of products to remove your make up at the end of the day, this might be for you. You could also use a cleanser like this in the mornings to wake up your skin with a creamy product, avoiding things that can dry it out. I found the product to be good, but I would not buy it because I do not like using this kind of cleanser, not because it was not a good product.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Not really, but because I prefer a different kind of cleanser.


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