Sampling around: L’Occitane, Amande Huile Souplesse


This Huile Suplesse Sample as many of the L’Occitane product samples, came in one of their many sets. They regularly have them around in their shops.

It was great packaging, even though the bottle was rigid, the product was liquid enough to come out without much waste. Compact, travel friendy and even cute. Sample amount was good, 15ml, enough for several tries, to give you a chance to decide if you really like this product or if it would work for you.

The product is a nice rich feeling oil, the scent is obviously Almond, which is not my favorite at all. If you enjoy Almond scents then this could be for you. It left a good moisturized feeling on my skin, without being sticky or hard to absorb. Sometimes you add products to your skin and you have to wait to put your clothes on worrying that you may stain them or make them dirty with oil. This was not the case, it was relatively fast to absorb.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Maybe, the scent is not exactly my favorite. The product was quite good and the scent not too strong. It could work for me.

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