France: Lierac, Démaq Yeux

I give this product 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it at all.


I had high hopes for this Lierac Démaq Yeux. I had been looking for a chance to try Lierac products, I was very curious and excited to try this product out. One of those categories were I regularly try new products is make up remover, it is one of those products that you finish up very regularly and you do not risk so much if you try and try along.

Packaging was not so good. First, I thought the spray dispenser would be great, but it is not so easy to wet a cotton pad with a spray, it takes a while. Then the product itself. It is not the most efficient at removing eye make up, and it does irritate your eyes. I have to say I was glad when I finished it. It had also a rather unpleasant scent, but of course, this is always a matter of taste. It retails for around 12 Euro, a bit expensive for 100ml. You can certainly find better ones, for less than that. Based on my experience I can not really recommend this product unfortunately.

I am still curious to try Lierac products, just maybe not make up removers.

Would I buy it again? No

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