Sampling around: Vichy, Liftactiv Serum 10 Sumpreme, and moisturizer


I do not remember anymore where I got these Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Serum and moisturizer, but I do remember how much I liked them.

Packaging was O.K. but it definitely could be better. Sample size was good, it was enough to have an idea if you might like the product or not. Both products are aimed at preventing and correcting wrinkles, aging signs. Here is where I have an issue, any product that claims to disappear wrinkles is not being completely honest, and I do not appreciate that. Wrinkles are there to stay, all you can do is try to minimize their appearance. The serum states it is a Youth Power Serum with accelerated renewal. I am into youth power, accelerated renewal I am not sure. It was a standard serum consistency, liquid but slightly sticky. It was nice to use and it made me consider buying this product. The moisturizer was a light consistency too, more like a lotion. It claims to be a progressive anti-wrinkle and firmness correcting cream, to me that translates into a product that helps prevent wrinkles and works on skin firmness. I enjoyed it, but I was a bit less into it than the serum. After using them, my skin felt hydrated, and plumped. I would not say I felt any wrinkle or firming improvement. Such claims are always difficult, plus by using a product for such a short time you probably can not see anything.

In general I found them to be great quality products for a moderate price. I would say they are middle range when it comes to price tag.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes, specially the serum. Nothing wrong with the moisturizer but right now I have plenty of day moisturizers, not in search for a new one.

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