USA/Brasil: Neutrogena, Deep Clean Toner


I give this toner a 3/5 Thumbs up. I like it.

The Deep Clean toner from Neutrogena is part of a range dedicated to acne prone skin. It is made in Brasil but the brand seems to sit mainly in the USA. I do not think you can buy this everywhere actually, I bought it in México and I believe it is available in several latinoamerican Countries.

The packaging is fine, it is rather sleek in case you are planing to travel with it. It falls more on the cheap side compared to other products but it does its job well. The product was good, not amazing but good. This is one of those solid rock products that perform well without much sparkle. It helped keep the oiliness of my skin at bay, which is what I bought it for. It does what is says on the tin. If you have similar needs on your skin, this could be something to try on. It does contain alcohol, so this might not be for everyone, keep it in mind if you are interested.

Would I buy it again? Yes. This is one of those products that are good, but that do not impress you enough to stay totally loyal. I will use this product in rotation with others that I also like.

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