México/France: Garnier, Clean Detox Desmaquillante bifásico para rostro y ojos


This product gets 3/5 Thumbs up. I like it.

I bought this Clean Detox make up remover by Garnier in México at a supermarket during a recent trip. I like it, but compared to others it gets only three thumbs up. It is by Garnier, a french brand, but made in México.

Packaging is like Garnier Standard packaging, is good and it does its job. The product removes make up relatively well, I did not have problems or had to rub my eyes to get rid of the make up. I mainly used it on my eyes, but it states it is also for removing make up on your face. I did not trying out like that, because it is not the way I remove my make up. It is a bifasic product, and also aimed for waterproof make up. It contains rose water, which is always a nice ingredient to have, and pro-vitamin B5.

Would I buy it again? Yes, as my waterproof make up remover, not my regular make up remover.

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