France: L’Oréal, Nude Magique CC Cream Antifatigue


I give this product 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

The packaging is actually great, compact, light, easy to travel with or carry in your bag. I really liked the packaging, my problem was really with the product itself.

This Nude Magique CC Cream, states it is a colour correcting beautifier anti-fatigue. The Anti-Fatigue part was what got me interested in this product. I often do not sleep as much as I should, and therefore look tired a lot of times. I would say it works in this sense as long as you only apply it to parts of your face. It also states that it transforms into foundation. This part is just wrong, unless you have an orange tone to your skin, this wont work as a real foundation, and is this point what makes it a fail in my hands. The description on the website says that it adapts to your skin tone, but in my case it did not adapt enough and it stays on a darker orange tone which does not look good. It also mentions that: “it wakes up the complexion for a perfect nude look”. It does wake up the complexion when applied only to certain parts of the face, under the eye area, cheeks a little in between the eyebrows and my chin. The tone of the product really allows this wake up effect.

On the bright side of this product, well…it has SPF which is always a good thing. The consistency of this CC Cream was light, very watery and it contains what they call smart pigment capsules. I loved the consistency of the product, too bad the color was so wrong.

The only way in which I could successfully use this product was as I already mentioned only on certain parts of the face, under a light cover of powder foundation or full foundation. In this way, the product worked very well, but then you might not need it. You might already have a corrector for this purpose. Maybe this product could be nicer than using a color corrector, because of its light consistency if this is something you prefer in your corrector.

Would I buy this product again? No


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