France: L’Oreal, Skin Perfection Eye Cream


Skin Perfection Eye Cream by L’Oreal gets 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

This was marketed as a line that wakes up your skin, against tiredness. I do not use so many drugstore moisturizers, but with that aim it just got me interested.

Packaging is great, light, compact, easy to use and dose. If you are traveling, this is much lighter and compact than a heavy glass jar. Although compared to the jar, here you wont use every little bit of the product up.

The cream has a slight whitish tint, which is probably why they claim it wakes you up or that it works against tiredness. Other than that I did not see any deep effect on my skin. Other products have worked on the puffiness, etc. This is just like a light corrector, a mixture of a corrector with your eye cream. Nothing that special, but also not a bad product. After all it was hydrating which is the main goal of your moisturizer.

Would I buy it again? No, I have seen much better, also among drugstore moisturizers.

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