Sampling around: Charlotte’s Magic Cream


I have been dreaming (probably like many of you too) of trying Charlotte’s Magic Cream since I found out it existed. Once she released her brand, I was pleased that now this would be possible. I had to wait a bit to use up some of my products until I could recently place an order. The one thing I was most excited to try from the samples I ordered was this.

Sample size is really good, it was enough for 4-5 tries. Packaging was also pretty good, a sachet, but one that once you pull it opens evenly without awkward ends. It sounds like something simple, but you would be surprised of how many brands get it wrong.

The cream is a very rich moisturizer, it did not feel heavy on your skin, but it gives a very glowy almost greasy finish. I think this is apparent if you check out her videos. After she explains how she came to develop it, and the main use she had for it initially, it totally makes sense: on the skin of models that have been traveling, or had make up applied and remove lots of times; dehydrated skin, tired skin. After trying it out I am not convinced that this is for everyone, at least as a day moisturizer or even a primer as she often uses it. It was a bit too “glowy/greasy” therefore it highlighted all imperfections on my skin, specially big pores. I used it just before make up a couple of times and the result was not flattering. I would not recommend it in this way if you have imperfections like big pores. It is a very hydrating moisturizer, very comfortable and plumping the skin. I would love to use it as my night moisturizer.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Only as a night moisturizer.

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