Germany/Chile: Nivea, Crema Facial de día, Matizante


This Nivea Day Cream got 2/5 thumbs up! It is just O.K.

Whether you would like this type of product or not might depend on what do you expect of a day moisturizer. I was traveling and took only the necessary moisturizer for the first days, knowing I would have to buy more at my destination for the rest of my trip. The supermarket where I went did not have a great choice, and this is the one that got me interested. It had key information on the packaging: day cream, SPF included and Matte finish. All that sounded quite well to me. México, which was my destination, depending where you go might be quite warm and humid, therefore a matte product was more than welcome!

Lets start talking packaging. It was slightly insulting, if you see in the pictures, the carton box where the cream comes in is much bigger than the cream itself, giving the impression of a bigger product. The actual cream jar, is plastic but really nice: quite compact and easy to use and travel with.


The carton box contained these huge carton “cushions” to “protect” the cream.

Now, the cream itself claims a few things. First, hydration for 24hrs; which I think is obviously an exaggeration, but yes it is hydrating, without being heavy or greasy. The consistency is interesting, it is like jelly until you touch it and you get some on your hand. It is also cooling to the touch. All these make it a good option for a humid and warm weather moisturizer. Next, matte finish and no shine on the skin. Here the result is kind of blurry. Just after applying the cream, the finish is nor really matte but it is not the regular shine from a moisturizer. I thought maybe the idea of the moisturizer is to maintain in the long term a matte skin, reducing the production of oil or something on these lines. After a few weeks using it, I realized that this was not really the effect either, at least it is not a striking one. On this point I would say it gets maybe half the point only. I really like that it contains some SPF, although 15 is almost nothing. I found it to be a pretty good drugstore option, specially if we consider the consistency and the cooling effect at applying.

Would I buy this cream again? Yes, but I have other that I like better.

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