Supermarket Haul in México!

I recently traveled in México and as soon as I had a chance I did a small supermarket haul. Most of these I bought either at Soriana or Walmart de México.  I bought mostly Skin and lips products, a bit of nails, eyes and hair.



Lets start with Skin Products. I have never tried Physicians Formula products before, so when I saw this BB cream with SPF30 I decided it was my big chance. I usually travel with a minimum amount of product, and I tend to buy some when I arrive. I had taken with me just a small Bobbi Brown BB cream in travel size with me. The packaging seems a bit too much, with the sparkling silver, claims on the packaging seem a bit exaggerated too; but my main interest was a BB cream with SPF30 in a compact packaging and a brand new to me.


Then I saw this Maybelline Super Natural Foundation which claims to mattify and cover big pores, another product that sounded tempting, so I took it. I have not seen this product before, so I was not sure if it was a country specific product, or a new product. Finally my third base like product that I purchased was a foundation by Cover Girl, tru blend. This I had to depot for my trip back, the packaging was not very travel friendly being glass and all that. There were many different shades of this one, so maybe is their competition to the new movement by some drugstore companies to have more shades in their range of products. I also picked up a Colorstay Concealer by Revlon. I thought after my experience with the Fit Me Concealer it could be nice to try other drugstore concealers.



I have always been tempted to try Burt’s Bees products, but for one reason or another in the end I decide for a different product. Actually the brand is quite affordable in México compared to Europe for instance. I went for this lip balm, since I finished my strawberry lip oil during the trip. Then, while at the Maybelline counter looking around, these lip glosses got my attention. I absolutely love the packaging. It is similar to the Clarins lip perfector but smaller, and the applicator stiffer, not very comfortable to apply compared to the Clarins one. The color range is lovely, strong bold colors, but not necessarely so once you apply. You can go either bold, or soft with it. Really like them!



I also got these nail polishes, they were two for 99 pesos! So I picked these two colors that catch my eye while browsing around.


Finally two miscellaneous products, one is a pen eyeliner and the other a shine product for your hair. The felt tip pen eyeliner is from Wet n’ Wild, I just finished one by L’Oreal also on the trip, so I decided to pick something brand new to me. I went for this one, so let’s see how it works out for me. Last thing was a hair product to give shine and a bit of frizz control. It is by Schwarzkopf and its called Citré Shine. I had some of my Tony and Guy shine serum, but finished it, so I decided to get something to replace it and that is how I found this product.

As soon as I used them up I will let you know guys what I think of them, will I buy them again or not and why. Until then, see you around!

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