USA: ogx Beauty Pure and Simple, Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum


Thinking about it there are actually few products that make me happy when it comes to my hair. I am always interested in masks or treatments that may help keep it beautiful. That is how I found this, I bought it in México during a trip there.

Packaging is really great. Compact and practical, it allows to travel or carry it around. Twisting the applicator you can “close” it or “open” it. The size of the product is also good, 118ml is plenty since you use up only three to four pumps depending on how much hair you have. It is just not good enough to allow you fly with it, here you will have to depot it somewhere else.

Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum is a light oil consistency that allows to spread and apply on your hair easily. It is not sticky or heavy at all. It claims to add strength, elasticity and hydration. I would not say I got all of those things from it, but I do think it fulfill the elasticity and hydration part. It definitely leaves your hair manageable, beautiful but never looking greasy or dirty like I have seen other products do. I really like this and it can be an alternative to products like the Maroccan Oil Treatment, with a big difference in the price. About the Anti-Breakage part, no product can completely avoid such a thing, and a combination of caring for your hair a trimming keeps it in shape. I do not think you need to buy it, if that is your only concern. It surely helps if it keeps your hair hydrated and elastic, but do not expect to completely avoid it, and of course: No product ever can “cure” split ends. If they happened already, only trimming will get rid of them. You can only help to avoid them.

Would I buy this again? Yes!


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