Canada: Marc Anthony True Professional, Oil of Morocco Argan Oil, 24hr Moisture, Extra Hydrating HanCream


I give this hand cream a 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I picked up this hand cream, not in canada but in México at the supermarket. It is made in Canada by a brand I did not know: Marc Anthony Cosmetics Inc. It costs more than most of the regular hand creams, and it has a very appealing packaging: bright colors and the words oil, 24hr moisture and extra hydrating. All these got me excited about it: something brand new to try and hinting that it is just my street!

Packaging is good, it is very appealing and pretty, but flexible plastic that allows the product to flow out. The plastic of the packaging could be a bit more flexible and then it would be perfect.

The product is in my opinion terrible though. It was rather a disappointment. Just the name of the product: Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Hydrating Hand Cream, suggests that it is a very hydrating product, then on top of that somewhere in the packaging they added the legend: 24hr Moisture. It is one of those hand creams that creates “the film”, in this case a thick heavy film on your skin, slightly sticky and not hydrating at all. This is not only not 24hr moisture for your hands but in my case I added the cream, and minutes away (10-15min) I still felt my hands completely dry but covered in a thick layer of something. They feel very soft to the touch after using the product, but your skin is still so dry. What you are actually touching and giving this soft feeling is the “film” of product that forms on top of your skin. I even had to go and buy another hand cream and stop using it. On top of that, this is more expensive than other options you might find around like: the universal Atrix or Grisi or Maja, which are all better. I definitely can not recommend this.

Would I buy this again? No, in my case this was a complete fail.


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