Travel Capsule Makeup

In a recent trip I decided to go lighter than usual and I thought it would be good to do a post with a Travel Capsule Makeup. In case you are planning a trip soon, this might be helpful!

Nobody knows your make up better than yourself, so read this suggestions and then check your stash and match these suggestions to your own taste and needs. The make up you take with you in the end should reflect where are you going, and who you are in a very compact way.



We all have different preferences and now a days we have so many possibilities to choose from. Whatever your choice there is often a compact way to take with you what you want or need. The most compact products when it comes to foundation are the ones that come in tubes, like BB creams and some drugstore foundations. In this case this BB cream by Bobbi Brown is even in travel size. Another very compact way to take your foundation with you is to take powder foundation like this Dior Skin foundation. I often use powder foundation when I go to a very warm and humid place as my everyday product. I use sunscreen under it, specially if I am going to spend the whole day walking around. BB creams are also a good option for everyday make up because they often have high SPF. For the evening, in case of going out, having a nice dinner, event, etc. You can always either depot your favorite foundation, take samples with you from it, or take a good drugstore foundation with you that works day and evening. There are so many with convenient packaging when it comes to traveling and are also very good.

Now, concealer and corrector are usually easy categories. Packaging is often quite compact, either in a tube like this Lancôme concealer or this tube like packaging like the Maybelline Fit me Concealer.

If you are someone that likes using illuminator there are a few options but the most compact concealer that I like and know is this Kryolan for Glossybox. It is a tiny pot that barely occupies any space, it is very natural looking and beautiful. Another very compact option are the little ones that come in some benefit kits in travel size.

Blush and bronzer? Well I took only one each. My choice was this Chanel cream blush in Chamade. It is bright and looks gorgeous, it works for day and evening. Bronzer? My Guerlain Terracota. Both of these products are very compact which made them perfect for traveling. If you feel you can get away with just one, go ahead!




Depending on your preference you could stick to a couple of single small and compact eye shadows like these examples: Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown longwear cream shadow sticks, or cream eye shadows on pots like this Max Factor Excess Shimmer. Obviously the best format is a stick because it is lighter and occupies less space, or depending on the packaging a single eye shadow or a duo. Alternatively, you can carry an eye primer and match it to a small and compact eye shadow palette. This Mac prep and prime is not only a great product, but it is also very compact and in my case this palette by Lancôme has a lot of naturals for the day but it can be pump up with the nice blue and greens on the side for a night out.

You can also take basic eye shadows and use eyeliners to give the extra touch to your look. Take a basic color, depending on what you use a black or brown eyeliner, and then some colorful ones. Bobbi brown eye liners are great because it is truly just a touch of color on your black eyeliner. Here I am showing you two of them: a purple and a blue one. A Lancôme one in Jade Crush, Guerlain with golden sparkle and Chanel in a rusty Red. Depending on what you like to wear you can take two of these: one for a basic look and then one for a going out look.

Finally something you can not forget is Mascara! I took this Lancôme Grandiose because it was the mascara I had already open in full size and I knew I would be traveling for a while, but it is one of the worst options for traveling, it is quite chunky and heavy. I also took this small Bobbi Brown for my purse during the day, which is obviously a better option for traveling, being compact and all that.


I forgot my lipsticks so I just picked up a couple from the drugstore. I would say you take a neutral and a bright one, but this depends on your own taste. If you know you will eat a lot, or if you light more neutral tones, then you can pick up two different ones or just a lip balm and a neutral tone lipstick in your favorite form. If you will be going out to dinner, or events, or just if you like bright colors, then take at least one. I chose this Revlon liquid lipstick in a dark color, Kitty Purry by Cover Girl and this matte balm stick from Revlon. Something that always goes with me regardless of the kind of trip is a lip balm.


Something that you might need depending on what products you take with you are brushes. I decided to take some for my eyes, keeping it minimal to three: one for applying eyeshadow, one for the crease and a smudgier. For my face I took only two brushes, one for powder by Shiseido and one for blush. I took with me only one blush in cream formula and this is my favorite brush to apply it, I like it much better than using fingers. Something that I could not leave behind when it comes to tools was my eyelash curler, but some of you might find it dispensable. Also, if you are taking only one of two cream shadows for a flush of color in stick or pot form, you might only need your fingers to apply eyeshadow and no brushes.

Finally just choose the perfect compact and functional make up bag, and this one I got in the most unsuspected place: Aldi in Germany. It is compact, and it has compartments that allow placing your products safely and practical. My favorite thing about this bag is the make up brush compartment. If you travel with a lot of makeup brushes, a bag like this might be not enough for you.

And here some examples of how your very own Travel Capsule Make Up make look like:

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