Sampling around: L’Occitane, Créme Perfectrice


I love getting skincare samples, they are a great way to discover interesting products that I would not feel encouraged to invest just to see if they work.

L’Occitane is a pretty good brand when it comes to samples or little sets to try out their products. This Créme Perfectrice sample came with one of my latest buys, hands cream: the Karité Hands Cream.

The packaging is the best of its kind. They always open straight and easy, it rips without getting stuck in the middle, etc. One would think that this kind of packaging is pretty straight forward but not quite. Sample size was ok, but it could be better. I had enough for two tries if I remember correctly.

The cream contains an extract of Peony and it claims to be perfecting, that it corrects imperfections. Consistency was on the rich side, but comfortable, not heavy on the skin. I quite enjoyed using it, but I can not comment on the perfecting side. I did not find it overly scented, it was subtle.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes, it did get me interested.

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