Sampling around: Lancôme, Visionnaire Advanced Multicorrecting Cream


I have used the Visionnaire serum and I really like it, so when I got the chance to try this Visionnaire Moisturizer out I was very excited. The packaging of the sample is fine, it could be better. It is one of those that breaks of instead of doing a straight cut, but hey! It is not such a big deal. Sample size was fine. Enough for two to three uses.

Product wise, it is quite similar to the serum, which makes sense. Although it also made me think that if you already use the serum and are happy with it, why get this one? Maybe if you have a lot of imperfections to correct this can be your kind of product. Or in case you want to trade the serum for the moisturizer. I personally am happy with the serum and do not feel the need to get the moisturizer too. I do like it, but I rather add other benefits to my skin with a different moisturizer.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Not unless I trade it for the serum.

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