Sampling around: Shiseido, Ibuki Softening concentrate & Refining moisturizer


Japan shows up again! Isn’t that exciting?! I got these samples and I immediately thought they were perfect for a short trip, maybe a weekend trip. The perfect trip came along and here it is what impression they left on me!

Packaging is fine. It is definitely compact, and it was easy to open. The Softening Concentrate felt more like a lotion type of moisturizer than a serum kind of product, which is how it is advertised. In the Shiseido website they recommend using it after cleansing and before moisturizer. I felt it was too heavy for that, I would rather using alone. It was fine, but I would not buy it to use as a serum, or before moisturizer.

The Refining Moisturizer was a nice light moisturizer. It states it is a pore refiner and corrector kind of product, this of course is not possible to test with such a small sample. It is also presented as a very hydrating product aiming to fight wrinkles from that front. That sounds attractive to me, it sounds like a more realistic approach than to try to sell a magic ingredient that disappears wrinkles (something that is not possible!). I liked it specially because it is light and more like a lotion than a heavy cream. In general I am not into heavy creams, so if that is you favorite kind of moisturizer this might not be for you. In any case, if you feel interested go to the shop and ask for a sample!

Would I buy it based on the sample? The Softening concentrate probably not, the Refining moisturizer, maybe.

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