X vs Y: Blue! Blue! Chanel, Bourjouis

Looking through my collection I found these: they are pretty similar and if you have one you can probably skip the others. I can also give you a comparison on quality, lasting power, color intensity and price.


These are not exactly the same, some are almost identical and others not, but if you have one, you really do not need the others. Lets start with Catrice Cosmetics in 410 Pool Party At Night. This is the least similar of all. It is the most streaky and sheer in formula,  you surely need at least two coats. In the picture I used only one coat of each to be able to compare them. It has no shimmer at all while 681 Fortissimo by Chanel and 1928 Soir de Paris by Bourjois, both, have a fine shimmer. It is also a slight tone lower than the others. It has medium lasting power, fair quality and lowest price from all. In the picture is the color I have in my thumb.

Then we have the Bourjois 1928 Soir de Paris, this is the most intense in color, you can see in the picture that with just one coat, the color is intense, beautiful and you need no more than one coat. Price wise, this was a special edition, but even then the price was on the lower side. Quality is excellent, and lasting power too. Unfortunately this particular color might not be available anymore, but if you find it I totally recommend it.

Then comes the Chanel 681 Fortissimo. As I have mentioned plenty of times, the strength of Chanel in Nail polish is the beautiful unique colors they create. Quality wise they are not the best, and long lasting power they are last place in this list. Color intensity is medium, with one coat it is still sheer, but with two you get an opaque finish. Price wise, they are the most expensive and the ones that perform the worst. I can only recommend Chanel Nail polishes if you are having a special event, their unique colors will make your nails look stunning, but just for one night!



Finally Style Cartel by Essie, is a very similar blue tone, but with no shimmer in the formula. As most essie nail polishes quality and long lasting power are decent. Color intensity in this particular color is really good, only behind Bourjois in this list, but this is not a norm on essie nail polishes. Price wise, they are middle range nail polishes, very good quality for the price. Essie in general is one of the best options, enough variety of colors and formulas for a fair price.

How would I rate them?

  1. Bourjois 1928 Soir de Paris
  2. Style Cartel by Essie
  3. Chanel 681 Fortissimo
  4. Catrice Cosmetics in 410 Pool Party At Night

Based on lasting power & Price?

  1. Bourjois 1928 Soir de Paris
  2. Style Cartel by Essie
  3. Catrice Cosmetics in 410 Pool Party At Night
  4. Chanel 681 Fortissimo


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