Sampling around: Lancôme, Galatéis Doceur


I got this in a little traveling set. Lancôme as you might have figure out if you follow this blog, is one of my main skincare brands. It is pretty hard, close to impossible to get a traveling skincare set by the brand, at least one that fits my skincare and taste :/ Many brands like Dr. Hauschka sell most of their products also in traveling size, which is always convenient. This Galatéis Doceur is not the kind of cleanser or make up remover method I would chose ever, but this is what came in the set. I have tried many times and trips to use it up unsuccessfully. It is really not my thing to use this kind of product.

Packaging is great, it is practical and rather compact, flexible enough to let the product out. Sample size is also great, 50ml. Enough for plenty of trips and tries. It is good at removing make up. Something really good is that it is aimed at eye and face make up, so if you are traveling you got two in one. It removes both well, but you still should use a face wash to get a perfect clean face.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? No, nothing wrong with it but I do not like this kind of creams to remove make up. Not my cup of tea.

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