Rouge Noir vs. Victoria Nail Kale


If there is something Chanel does excellent when it comes to nail polish, is original beautiful colors. They always have a twist. The bad thing is quality wise they do not last more than one day before they chip (even if you wear a good base).

Nails Inc polishes are usually really good quality and also have nice colors, but are not match for Chanel in that field.

Here we have the Chanel Rouge Noir 18 which is a beautiful dark read, very rich and elegant. On the other side there is the Nails Inc Victoria Nail Kale. I compared these two and they are almost the same color, but the Nails Inc polish lasts a good week before chipping (all this with a good base of course). Price wise, the Nails Inc also wins. If you love the Rouge Noir, then maybe you should get Victoria.

Between these two, I would recommend getting Nails Inc. Longer lasting, same color, better price.

Have fun and enjoy this beautiful color.

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