Sampling around: Penhaligon’s London, Quercus, Bath and Shower gel


I got this at a hotel in London. I love getting to know new brands like this, traveling and in sample size!

The packaging is good but it could be better. Specially because you are traveling, something that packs compact would be better. Do not get me wrong the packaging is beautiful and I love it when it comes to the looks only. Thinking on practicality something more compact would be better for traveling. Easy to open and use, but because the plastic from the packaging is rigid you waste product. Sample size was plenty, I can not complain.

The Quercus bath & Shower Gel is of a very nice but very gentle scent. If you like more powerful scents in your premium shower gels, this is not for you. I really liked it because of the gentle scent actually. As a shower gel is good, nothing impressive, it does not over dry your skin and it has a lovely scent.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes


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