Sampling around: Creme Confort Legere, 5% Karite, L’Occitane


This Creme Confort Legere as many of my L’Occitane sample sizes come from their little sets. They have a few around during the year and lots of wonderful ones during Christmas time. All the variety from cheaper to more expensive ones.

Packaging is great: compact, light, pretty and easy to use. The product is a light formulation but rich in ingredients. I used it during holidays in the north: Norway and Sweden. It kept my skin protected against the weather when back then. My skin is not dry but rather oily or mixed at times. This moisturizer is not the kind I would or could use everyday, is a bit too rich for my skin, but it fit perfectly for my holiday. The consistency is quite light almost like a whipped cream, but not quite.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Only if I travel to a very cold/dry weather to protect my skin.

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