Sampling around: Phyto, Phytojojoba Shampoo


This little shampoo came in a Phyto set I bought in a pharmacy in Germany. Their Phytojojoba shampoo states that it is a intense hydration brilliance shampoo for dry hair. The full size contains 200ml for around 20 Euro.

Packaging is really beautiful and different. It is a metallic bottle, really light and sleek. Good for traveling. Being metallic you can not squeeze it to get the product out, which is normally a minus point, but here the product is fluid enough to come out. Sample size was plenty!

Now to the product itself. First, the scent is amazing, I loved it and enjoyed a lot every time I used it. The shampoo is quite liquid and fluid without being too liquid and running trough your fingers. It is the perfect consistency to come out of the bottle without you loosing product. About the effects the shampoo claim I have to say I did not see much of it. It felt like a regular shampoo, it did nothing extraordinary on my hair. It did not minimize the dryness or made it more shiny. It is a good shampoo, period. The scent makes you feel like you are treating yourself, but it is not enough if there is no plus on the effects on your hair.

I have a big complain from this product and it is that the bottle came half empty. It was terribly disappointing.

Would I buy the product based on the sample? Not really. Plenty of shampoos that do the same or better just with no lovely scent.

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