Incoming…Charlotte Tillbury!!! Finally!!!

Since I heard she was launching her brand I got excited and interested into trying out her products. First I had to wait because they were only available in the UK. Afterwards I still had to wait because I could not decide what to order, I did not need anything and things that I was dying to try like her Magic Cream is something that you rather make sure you like before you spend the money on it.

I was about to place my order when I got an alert on my email that there would be special offers on black friday, so I waited for that!


I have to say I was quite tempted to order her advent calendar, the products sound amazing, but then again, I have never tried them, what if I am allergic? or I just do not like them? I decided to do more Charlotte Tillbury trying this year and definitely order the calendar next year!


I recently ran out of an illuminating pen, so I decided to start there with my order. I have heard so much about The Retoucher, I thought this is my chance to get it! I really like that with your order of The Retoucher, you get samples of it in other shades, which is brilliant!


Then I took the first special sale they had which was buying one of these sets and getting the other one for free. It contains an eye shadow coupled with an eye liner. I chose these two:


One is a silvery very sparkly eye shadow and the other one is a purply very sparkly eye shadow coupled with supernova and black magic as eye liners. I have already used the silver one on Christmas and I adore it! For going out so far, I am not sure I could use it during day time, but who knows! What I do have to say is that the packaging of the eye shadows is not that good, it is quite sturdy and beautiful but very hard to open and you end up stumping your fingers on the product.

Placing an order on her website is really great, you get plenty of samples and the packaging is so beautiful that once it arrives, you hardly want to ruin it. If you feel like pampering yourself have a look, you might find something for you. I got the magic cream and the eye cream to test as my samples, plus the retoucher samples and an additional sample from her perfume.

I will let you know how they perform!

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