USA: Dermalogica, gentle cream exfoliant


The gentle cream exfoliant by Dermalogica is a favorite of mine. I have it since a long time and I use it regularly. Maybe once every two weeks.

It is an exfoliating masque and it contains Lactic and Hydroxy Acid. It is non-abrasive which helps to avoid or minimize broken capillaries. It claims that it helps stimulate cell renewal through the enzymatic action of its ingredients.

Packaging is great, it is a pretty soft plastic, which allows the product to come out easily without much waste of it. It has lasted me quite some time, it is not a very expensive mask, but it is also not cheap. It retails for around 40 dollars for 75ml of product. Taking into account the amount of time that lasts I would say this is a good investment and not expensive.

It cleans off your skin and leaves a newer layer on to work with. It is one of my favorite products and I do recommend it. If you are looking for an exfoliating mask, I think you should try this one. I have tried others, like the Caudalie one, which is also good, but a bit gentler. I use that one in between. This masque is not too harsh and not too gentle, it might tingle a bit. As with any skincare you use for the first time, please test it on your skin before you put it all over your face.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I will and I have!

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