Incoming…Bobbi Brown Mini Must Have Kit


I found this mini Must Have Kit in the German website of Bobbi Brown. It is not just a great opportunity to try out some of the products from this brand, but also the selection is ideal for a retouch handbag pouch or a traveling make up bag. The price is also really good: 35Euros.

It comes in a lovely and very practical make up bag. Several compartments, good size, it is made of fabric so stains will happen, but it should be washable. The selection allows you to do a simple make up with the products it contains: bb cream, blush, eye shadow, mascara and clear lip gloss. At the end of the day you remove all these with the cleansing oil.



The blush is cream and a very nice rosy color that suits lots of skin tones. The Eye shadow as well, it is a very light neutral color. The BB cream is very creamy but it does not feel oily, and it contains SPF 35.

For me, the highlights are the cleansing oil, the bag, the BB cream and the blush. The rest I found beautiful and absolutely essential but something that most likely I would have picked up. While the others are things that I would have liked to try but I wouldn’t have risked to buy.

What do you guys think?



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