New year Nail Style Nr. 1: Silver night!

What about some silver for New Years eve?!!


Here I used the Nails Inc Kale base. It does work good to make your nail polish last longer but it also has made my nails peel layers a bit. Nothing serious, but if you already have this kind of problem, it might not be for you.

Then I also used the Black Bird gel Effect nail polish in grey. It does not really have a gel effect finish, and it does not last a lot on your nails, but it is a beautiful concrete grey. Perfect for this nail style. A layer is enough to get a solid color, which is always good.

I purchased some time ago some of the Astor Fashion Studio Exotic Gems, this is the silver one. Lovely color, one layer is good, but I used two in this nail style. It is shiny on its own, but a good top coat makes it perfect.

As a top coat I used the Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat.


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