Sampling around: Aesop, Parsley Seed facial cleanser and anti-oxidant facial toner

I bought these Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner last year as part of a travel pack. Its purpose is precisely to be your traveling toiletry set and it comes with a lovely toiletry bag.


Packaging? Terrible! It is beautiful, but it is glass, for traveling! It is so heavy, it is just not practical. Plus, getting the product out is annoying, you have to turn the bottle up side – down and shake and wait. This is surely not an issue if you buy the full size I assume. You would not need it to be light, it will look beautiful on your bathroom. I just hope the original size comes with a pump. The toner is less of an issue because is liquid, but you still have the problem of the weight. Something that it is designed for traveling, flying specially should be practical to use, compact and light!

Product? The cleanser is just ok. I loved it after the description but I did not feel it did much to my skin. It contains lactic acid for exfoliating and jojoba oil. I can not say the exfoliation was very evident. I rather use a mask that stays longer and allows the lactic acid to work. The toner, I also loved the description and it felt better than the cleanser. It is an antioxidant toner, which is always good; and it contains camomille with calms down your skin.

Would I buy it based on the sample? The cleanser, no. The toner, I might.

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