Face Masks! Face Masks! Someone interested?

Here I have a review of a few Schaebens Masks: the Aloe Vera one, Cleaning one and the Cleopatra Mask. You can probably only get these in Germany, let me know if you can get them somewhere else.


Packaging? It is ok. It could be better to be honest, as you can see in the pictures, sometimes the little pouch breaks in weird configurations. It is not a terrible thing, but it could be better. It comes with two uses as most face masks in this presentation. It is plenty of product to put on your face, neck ad decollete.


Product? I will start with what the cleaning mask. It is aimed at all skin types and it gives your skin a deep cleaning. And oh it does! It works very well it is one of the best cleansing masks I have tried. My favorite and a recurrent buy.

The Cleopatra Mask is lovely. It contains milk, almond oil and royal jelly. It smells like honey, that is surely the royal jelly. Afterwards your skin feels comforted and soft. It is a treat for your skin. It is one of my favorites, and a recurrent buy as well.

The one I won’t buy again is the Aloe Vera. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. I expected it to be a very hydrating and also gel cooling formulation. It is indeed hydrating but it is a creamy formulation, because it also contains shea butter and Panthenol. I have plenty of hydrating face masks right now, so i wont be buying this one. I think I cooling formulation would be great.


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