Sampling around: Dr. Hauschka, Melissen Tagescreme


This little day cream sample was part of a set that I got sometime ago. The website describes the cream as a calming cream, for all skin types. If you have fatty skin it is supposed to matte your skin, if it is dry to comfort it and hydrate. It sounds like a do it all from the description, but I believe what they are trying to say it is simply: Calming Cream.

Packaging is great, especially for traveling. It is light, compact and easy to use. Sample amount is plenty, 5ml. Product was a bit of a miss for me though. Yes, it did keep my skin hydrated and comforted as described. I am not sure about the matifying claims. My issue with this cream is that it does feel heavy when applied. I like light textures, that rest light on your skin. However, if what you are after is a comforting rich cream, try this out! It might be for you!

Would I buy this based on the sample? No


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