France: La Roche-Posay, Hydraphase Intense Maske

Hydraphase Intense Maske, is a soothing rehydrating mask by La Roche-Posay. You can buy it in two presentations, either a 50ml tube or little packages with enough product for two uses. It is recommended for sensitive skin, all skin types. Aimed to keep hydrated our skin after facing the environment, heating or air conditioner, stress and more. It contains Hyaluronic acid fragments, which is surely the basis of its hydration effect.


Packaging was good, this is great if you are traveling because it is a use and trash product. If you are flying is perfect, it wont take much space or weight, and you can apply it during the flight. Keeping your skin hydrated. Product was good, it is a solid good, no flamboyant effects attached. If you want something that works, period. It will re-hydrate your skin, period. No plumping effect, no nothing. Of course, the basis of staying your is to maintain your skin hydrated. Not just for traveling, but also as a recurrent product to keep your skin healthy, this works if you suffer from dehydrated skin.

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