Christmas beauty specials! What tempted me? What did I buy in the end?

Every year beauty brands get better and better at their Christmas specials. There is plenty to choose from if you want a present for someone special or for your own special self!

Last year my favorites were by Laura Mercier, Benefit and Guerlain. This year Guerlain made it again, but none of the Laura Mercier or Benefit specials were my favorite. There is plenty around to choose from: make up, skincare, perfumes, etc.

I always buy based on what I need, what am I missing at the moment, plus a little present for myself. This year my needs were not so big: stock on eye cream, the plan was to get Lancôme Genifique. Also, I ran out of a concealer pen. And that was really it. Of course, I did not stop just there. Let me tell you what tempted me, and why did I buy what I got in the end.

I looked around for the Lancôme Christmas Coffrets hoping there would be one with the Genifique Eye Cream unsuccesfully. None has a full size eye cream. There is a Genifique serum Coffret but, first, it contains only a 30ml bottle of the serum, night cream, day cream and eye serum. The Vissionare could also have been a good option, but it is also only a 30ml bottle. In the end, I decided to get only the eye cream and forget the Lancôme Coffrets.



First there is Dior Noël Splendor 2016. Beautiful Smokey Sequins Palette in silver tones with gold and black. I thought looong of this one. It was in my final list. After a few comparisons I decided that it is very beautiful, but I rather buy the Rock Chick palette from Charlotte Tillbury. And I do not need two silvery palettes. So I passed on the Smokey Sequins Palette.

Then also from Dior, the  Diorific Splendor 2016, a beautiful golden highlighter. There it was easier to say no, because I have just too many right now, and to be honest I do not use highlighter on a regular basis. I still have the ones from Laura Mercier from last year, plus others. So, it was beautiful and tempting but not for me this year.

The Christmas Make up Collection by Lancôme was also tempting: La Palette des Rêves, the highlighter cushion and the single eye shadows, specially Brun Glace and Hôtel Particulier. In the end, I decided I have too many eye shadows in similar tones already, and same as with the Diorific Splendor, I have plenty highligters. I have to concede that letting go of the highlighter was really hard!

The advent calendars were killing me! So many, and so beautiful! I was mostly tempted to get the Charlotte Tillbury and the Clarins one. I have not tried any products from Charlotte Tillbury yet, so it sounded tempting. In the end, I decided to wait for next year. The logic behind this was that I am dying to try her magic cream and more, but what if I would react badly to it. It is a great deal, if you already know most of her products. The clarins one was tempting but because right now I have plenty of skincare, I decided to let it go this year.

Guerlain has this year the amazing Souffle d’Or de Shalimar, as soon as I saw it, I wanted it, but I decided to pass this year. I think this was the hardest to let go. As usual they had their special edition Météorites Perles de Légende. This year, they are particularly stunning, but I have plenty of face powder and highlighters.

Then the Charlotte Tillbury Black Friday Offer happen and everything went crazy. The last offer was the one I almost got but in the end decided against. The surprise make up bag. It was really soooo tempting. At the moment I have plenty of foundation, which was likely to be in it, and also I had just order a Retoucher. Next black Friday will be.

So what did made it in the end?

The winners


I have been waiting for a color that really tempt me to get a Guerlain lipstick. This year’s red lipstick Rouge G de Guerlain made it possible. It is stunning and beautiful, not just the color but also the packaging, this is the ultimate lipstick.


Then the golden glitter eyeliner, L’Or Eyeliner, I just could not let it go, and I do not own anything like this in my collection. It had to come home with me, I had no choice! So festive and so beautiful.


Of course there were also the samples that come with the buy.


Other than this I got a Bobby Brown mini set, a Retoucher and a special eye set from the black friday offer at Charlotte Tillbury’s website. But these I will show in a different post, I am still waiting for some of them.

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