Sampling around: Peter Thomas Roth, Mega-Rich Body Lotion

This body lotion, the Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body lotion, got into my hands after a couple of days in a Rotterdam Hotel. It is the first product ever I try from the brand, so it was an exciting moment.


Packaging? Not great, not terrible. Lets say just ok. It is compact and practical for traveling, but the plastic is a bit hard, so you might fight to get the last of the body lotion out. Sample size was good, 24ml. It is probably enough for two uses on your body, and maybe a couple of uses on your hands.

Product? I used it a couple of times as a hand cream and it is a big fail as such, refrain from even trying. Build on my experience! As a body lotion in my opinion it is just o.k. It is made in Greece but the brand is from the U.K. It states that it contains “Vitamins C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 for soft smooth nourished moisturized skin”. Nourished is something I never felt, my skin felt still a bit dry after using it. It is a light lotion on the touch and it absorbed rather quickly. I do not recommend it for dehydrated skin, or very dry skin. Maybe for a summer moisturizer would work better, definitely, not recommended for winter.

Would I buy the product based on the sample? No, my skin needs something more hydrating, nourishing, at least in winter.

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