Sampling around: Nivea, CELLular anti-age, Night Cream

I believe that I picked up this sample at a dm in Germany, or maybe a Rossmann. They were lying next to the cashier for you to take, so I decided to take one and try. At the moment I have several day moisturizers but going low on night ones. Trying a new one seemed like the right thing to do then.


Packaging? The packaging was great! I really liked it, it is one of those that have sort of a bottle shape, so when you open it up, the product can only come out from the small opening on the top, avoiding those awkward broken packagings you surely have suffered.

Product? Sample size, it was too little if you ask me. Barely enough for two nights. I have tried foundation samples that contained more than this. It states it was around 1,5ml. The product itself left a good impression on me, and interested into trying out. It did not feel  heavy on the skin as some of the typical nivea creams can be. It was comfortable and soft to the touch. It is of a creamy consistency, but a light one.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? I would like to try it out again before making up my mind, but so far I am interested.

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