Sampling around: L’Occitane, Huile Demaquillante, Karite 5%


This sample was part of one of their small sets that come in cosmetic bags. I can only recommend to get those if you are interested in the brand, or if you like this brand in general. Most of their little sets are about shower gels, and baths, body lotions and hand cream. I found this particular set very interesting because it came with skincare. L’Occitane has coffers with skincare, but they are mostly big ones, not really sample sizes.

This cleansing oil was not my favorite though. The packaging is great! Amazing! I loved it! Sample size, was plenty too. I loved that too. The product? Not so much. It does remove most of your make up, but it still leaves little traces that you notice on your cotton puff when you apply toner. It costs around 20 Euro for 200ml. It also does not add a “comfort” extra to justify the price. It actually smells and feels a bit like baby oil.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? No, there are other oils that are better at removing make up, and also give a “special” feeling while using it.

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