Sampling around: Elemis, revitalise-me shampoo and conditioner


I was interested in trying out something from Elemis for a long time already, and had had no chance until now. To be honest, I was expecting to try skincare and not hair care, but well, That is life!

Packaging was not great, the plastic is quite hard, but it works with the formula of the products. Both, shampoo and conditioner are fluid enough to come out.  Size sample was enough for two tries. Which I find acceptable. Now, these are very perfumed, which is not something I like. The scent is not like something fruity, or natural oils, etc, but literally like some perfume. I find this not only anti-natural, but also uncomfortable. Say you use a shower gel with one scent, shampoo and conditioner, then body lotion, face cleanser, etc in the end you are so overwhelmed or annoyed. Plus, most important, I do not see the point for it. About their performance, it was good, but nothing outstanding, for 20 British Pounds, I found that unnecessary.

Would I buy these based on the sample? No, I think there are plenty of shampoo and conditioners that perform better, some like Toni & Guy for a lower price, some like Kérastase for a similar or higher price.

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