And more hand creams! Soap&Glory, Dove and Sante.

This is again a grouped review of hand creams. I use up so many that I decided to group them again. Check out this trio!


Sante Naturkosmetik Handcreme Bio-Sheabutter


This is from a German Nature friendly brand. The cream is made in Germany, and it states it is Vegan, they do not test in animals and also that their ingredients come from regulated producers that certify their Bio status. The packaging is compact, great for hand bag, it contains 50ml of product. It is flexible enough to allow the product out and be used without much waste. The product itself I found just ok. It states it is absorbed quickly, and it is, which is a point for them. Unfortunately, it is from those creams that leave a film on your hands that just feels uncomfortable. If you are into nature friendly products, vegan and more, check it out, it might work out for you. Personally, I won’t buy it again. I am no fan of what from now on I will call “The Film”.

Soap&Glory, Hand Food


I have heard a lot about this hand cream, so during a trip in Norway I picked it up at a Boots. Norway is a place where a hand cream comes in handy! I expected a lot from it, I have heard numerous bloggers talk about how good it is. Maybe, because of this, I was not so impressed by it. You know, you create expectations. I would say it is average, just ok. First, Packaging. I found it rather bad. The material is so hard, you waste product. I even broke the lid of the packaging trying to get some cream out. Then, the product itself. It is not a bad hand cream, it does not leave a Film, or residue. It is as most Soap&Glory products I have tried, quite perfumed. When it comes to relief of dry hands, I just had to apply and re-apply and re-apply. If you just want a regular hand cream, it is ok. If you have dry hands, then I do not recommend it. It did not help them out in my case.

Would I buy it again? No, there is plenty of better hand creams for a similar price.

Dove, DermaSpa Kashmir gefühl


Finally the best of this trio, the Dove DermaSpa Kashmir gefühl.I bought this hand cream thinking of using it as my night hand cream. For this purpose, I always choose a more rich hand cream or one with anti-oxidant ingredients and let it work over night, etc. I look for something special. This hand cream was a fail in my case for the intended purpose, but instead a nice everyday hand cream. Something to use through out the day. The packaging is nice and sleek, flexible enough to get the product out. The cream, is nice and it does leave the skin soft but nothing above average. The claims of strengthen skin and skin soft as Kashmir was a bit too much. I never felt my skin was in any way enhanced and it help relief the feeling of dryness on my skin, nothing more.

Would I buy it again? Yes


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