Two recent bad hand creams?

Surely,  by now, you already know that I am a hands cream addict. I always have dry hands, plus I find it to be an easy product to play around and try a new here and there. I was going to write a review for each, but since I did not like any, and they have a similar effect, I decided to group them into this review.

Lets start with the Isana Handcreme Wunderschön mit Panthenol and Sheabutter for dry skin. This is a limited edition product, but I have seen they still have it in a couple of Rossmanns I have been to, here in Germany. The main thing that made me buy it was that it claims it is aimed at dry skin. Since this is something I experience continuously I decided to try it. Sometimes you find little treasures for a bargain price (like the body exfoliator by dm). You can only buy this product in a Rossmann, since Isana is their own brand, and this is a droguerie in Germany. The packaging is fine, flexible enough to let you squeeze the product out.


Then we have the Neutrogena Visibly Renew Handcreme with LSF 20, I have tried other of their hand cream products and I was quite happy, for instance I really like the nordic berry cream. The packaging is not that great, the plastic is too hard and you always loose product there. It states that it is a new product, I am not sure how new though.


Now, my issue with these creams is that they create a sort of film on your skin. I have had already some other hand creams that do this. They do not relief the skin, so next time you try to put more cream on, you just thicken this strange layer that forms on the skin. It is very uncomfortable, and they do not fulfill their goal: relief your skin!

Would I buy any of these again? No

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