France: Caudalie, Huile de Soin Démaquillante, Raisin & Amande douce


In the last year I have tried out different methods to remove my makeup. Initially I would use just my normal cleanser. Then I got used to the Extremely Gentle Cleanser by Avéne, and I was happy. Until, this trend of oils, and balms got into my head and I decided to try some out.

I started out with balms, and I found some I really liked, others not so. Then I moved to some oils, and there I was mostly disappointed until this oil came along! Among the oils I tried there was a L’Occitane and an Origins, but I did not like them. They were not terrible but in their detailed reviews I will tell you what I did not like about them. This oil on the other hand is heaven.

Think of a long day, stressful and hectic. Now, just before it ends you come to your bathroom and start breaking out your make up with a lovely oil that lifts your spirits. It feels very smooth on your skin, I always end up giving myself a little massage because of how nice it feels on your skin. It is also efficient at removing make up, a key feature I expect from a make up remover, but believe me not all oils out there fulfill. I would totally recommend you to get this if you enjoy or need a relaxing moment before bed, or if you want a nice oil to remove your make up.

Packaging is great, the dispenser is practical. This bottle comes with 100ml for almost 15 Euro, I actually paid 17. Probably low to middle range price in the oils category.

Would i buy this product again? Yes! I love it!


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