Sampling Around: L’Occitane, Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid


I got a couple of these little samples with my last buy at L’Occitane. It was actually one of the first times I got asked about my skin and my preferences for samples. Based on my skin she gave me a couple of this Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid and some shampoo samples. I have to say, I have tried other moisturizers by L’Occitane and often enough they are rather too rich for me. I have only been able to used them when on holidays in Iceland, Norway, and the likes for cold weather. Therefore, I did not expect much of this moisturizer. Oh, surprise! It was quite good, with a lovely Matte finish. The formula did not feel “silicony” at all, which I know it might be important for some people. I am personally not so picky about that at the moment. If you are after a matte moisturizer and you do not like silicon based products, then ask for a sample of this, or try it out at a shop. It might be for you!

Packaging is fine, all of their small moisturizer samples are the same. The amount of the sample though was a bit poor. It was maybe enough for two tries per sample I got, it was nevertheless enough to see it at work.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Yes!

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