Sampling around: Chanel, Le Lift, Anti-Wrinkle Cream


I have tried a couple of skincare Chanel products, and I really like a couple of them. Le Weekend, is my Favorite Chanel Skincare Product. The whole idea behind that line I found it fantastic: practical, simple, and it includes exfoliation in the routine. This moisturizer however, was not really of my liking. There is nothing wrong with the product per se, but it is a bit rich for my taste (or my skin for that matter). I prefer formulas that feel light when applied, this is quite creamy, and a bit heavy in my eyes. Therefore it is a product that I will not buy, although it is more of a taste thing, and not that the product was bad. About anti-aging and firming claims, well, as always, this is a hard one to test, specially using a small sample only. I did not feel any firming going on, but it might be you need to use it for extended periods to see an effect.

The brand has several versions of this moisturizer, so maybe trying out a lighter cream, I could find my perfect match. They actually have some interesting eye products and a mask for massaging your face with it. All that sounds quite appealing to me, so I might try to get a sample of those instead.

If you enjoy creamy, rich moisturizers and are looking for a new anti-aging cream, then try a sample of this one. It might be just what you were looking for!

Would I buy this product based on the sample? No, it is too rich for my skin.

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