If you have one of these, you don’t need the others! Pale shimmery pink polish edition.

These are the little brother and sisters from my previous post but shimmery version. They are all a pale sheer shimmery light pink. If you already own one, don’t bother with the others, or if you are about to buy one, pick the best!


First I got Catrice 21 “Rosy one M…” and the rest I can’t read anymore. This I bought probably in 2013. It looks like a melon tone with shimmer more than a pink in the bottle. Then, last year I got the essie 9 “vanity fair”. It looks like a baby shimmery pink in the bottle. Finally, also last year I bought the NailsInc London “Knightsbridge Mews” Nailbright. They all just give a flash of ligh pink shimmer to your nails. You can use it on its own, or to give a shimmery finish to another polish since they are completely sheer.

If I would have to pick one, which one would I pick? I would take the NailsInc. It is the one with the best quality, longer lasting polish. All have a square brush, my fav! And all of the three have convenient storage packaging.


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