If you have one of these, you don’t need the others! Pale pink polish edition.

Sometimes we might get excited with a new polish collection, or just get forgetful about the colors we have.  It might simply be that, colors do not reflect reality that accurate in our memory. For whatever reason, often we buy a color that we already own. Sometimes they are even the same brand, some other times, different brands but the same color. I have the experience with some that in the bottle look quite different but on your nails they look exactly the same. This is a new small series that I will keep going as long as I can find twin polishes around.


I have collected these pale pink polishes for a long period of time, so some might not be available at the shops anymore. What matters is that if you own one of these, pass on all the others. If you do not own any, then you might go for just the best one. Same color does not mean same quality!

The oldest in this selection are the essie ones. They all belong to a wedding collection, which made it quite disappointing once I realize they all look the same. They are 344 “worth the wait”, 342 “tying the knotie” and 343 “hubby for dessert”. In the bottle they all look different. “worth the wait” looks like a melony color, “tying the knotie” a pale baby pink and “hubby for dessert” a pale lilac color. Nevertheless, on your nails you can not tell the difference.

Then, there is 005 “Light pink manicure” by Astor Perfect Stay. Which in the bottle seems like a color between “worth the wait” and “tying the knotie”. In reality, it looks the same on your nails.

Finally, 220 Dimanche Après-midi by L’Oreal. This is the most recent one. It looks in the bottle a bit pinkier than the Astor one. Once again, it is all the same.

If I would have to pick one based on my experience I would say, get the Astor one if you one the longest lasting formula. They all have a square brush, which is my favorite kind of brush. Although packaging from the Astor is not so convenient for storage in some cases, then I recommend to get one of the essie ones instead. It is not as long lasting as the Astor one, but it is not so bad to say it is not worth getting it. If the way to store your polishes shape is not so important then, get the Astor one.


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