México: Grisi, Jalea Real, Crema de Manos Antiedad


This hand cream gets 2/5 thumbs up. It is just O.K.

I was very excited to try this product, not so much from the anti-aging effect it promises, but for the effects the royal jelly could have on your hands when you use it. About the anti-aging is not really possible to comment. Packaging is O.K, texture is rather light. The reason why I think this product is just O.K, has to do with its performance. It does not keep the moisture on your skin, and you have to continuously apply more. Maybe someone with hands that are not so dry can get away with it, but for very dry hands or recurrent dry hands it does not do much.

Would I buy this again? Like the Caudalie one, I would use it from time to time before going to bed, not so much to calm dry hands but as a treatment before going to bed.

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