Sampling around: Clarins, Extra-Firming Day


20160227_033123_1.jpegThis was probably one of those samples that you take when there is nothing else to choose from that you are really interested in. I am not into extra firming yet, so I think it is probably aimed at mature skin more than anything else.

Sample size was fine, it lasted three to four uses. Packaging was fine too, no complains. I did not observe anything regarding the extra-firming part. You probably need more than a sample to see any effects on your skin, but definitely nothing on first impressions. Although it states all skin types, it was a bit rich for my taste, I have oily skin, and therefore go for lighter formulas preferentially.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No


2 responses to “Sampling around: Clarins, Extra-Firming Day

  1. Hey thanks for sharing your experience. If you get a chance, I really like clairin’s body contour oil and body lift cellulite control for shedding water weight. It works well. :)

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