Sampling around: Avène, Démaquillant douceur pour les yeux


This was part of a small pouch try out set I bought at a pharmacy a few months ago. I am always interested in eye make up removers, so I took this with me on a trip to give it a try.

The packaging was great, compact, practical, sturdy. Perfect to re-use. I am actually going to keep it and refill it with whatever I am using at the time. The product was not bad, but I have seen better. Consistency is more like a gel than a liquid. It is not the most efficient at removing eye make up, I could still find traces of it next morning. If you use something like They`re Real by Benefit, or some other hard to remove mascara or eye liner, then go for something else, this won’t do the trick! If on the other hand you use something really easy to remove, then it might work out for you. Precisely because it is not so efficient at removing the make up, I found myself rubbing a bit more than usual my eyes. This is surely a no-go for me, I try to rub my eyes and face minimum to avoid wrinkles. I found this time Avène did not get it right for me.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Not really, I need something more efficient at removing eye make up!

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