Sampling around: Syoss, Renew 7, Complete Repair


To be honest I am not sure how long I have had this sample, but it is been with me for a while. Recently I did a weekend trip and I got to use it up.

Packaging was O.K, it is compact, but not so easy to use in the shower. Some of these are very easy to tear open, this was not. Amount of sample was fine too, it was enough for a wash, but I must say my hair is rather short at the moment. It could be someone with long hair would find it insufficient.

Now, to the product itself! It states that it repairs seven signs of damaged hair, it prevents split ends, and makes your hair shine. I must say I did not see much of an effect on my hair after using it. It felt like a regular shampoo not a repairing one. No shine, no moisturized hair, no effect really. I can state that it cleans and well, but no extras here. You probably need more than one use to see something with it.

Would I buy it based on this sample? No.


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