Sampling around: L`Oreal, Age Perfect Luxurious face oil


This sample most likely came in a magazine I bought. I had it for a while until I managed to use it. Sample size was great, enough for 5-6 days. Sample packaging was fine, not ideal to take advantage of all of the product though.

Having oily to combination skin, I decided to try this product exclusively at night. At the moment of applying it, the skin felt quite oily, but not uncomfortable. It felt at first slightly heavy on the skin, but this feeling passed quickly. The first two mornings after using it, my skin was oilier than usual. Nevertheless from the third morning on this was not the case anymore, like if the skin adapted to it. I did not observe any particular effect on my skin, it was not better moisturized, or better looking or anything. This could be just due to the short time I tried it, but it did not encourage me to buy it.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No, it was not a bad product, but it did not caused any impression either.


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